Series 101 Dock Seal Allrite Super-Seal


Designed to work best where the vehicles are generally a standard size, the 0101 is an economical way to form an air-tight seal between the building and the back-end of the trailer. The resilient foam pads can be covered with a large selection of tough abrasion resistant fabrics creating a tight seal that blocks out the foul weather, insect, dust and may reduce theft while saving money on energy costs. The Series 0101 Dock Seal will increase the comfort and productivity by increasing safety, protecting personnel, products and equipment. Super Seal’s series 0101 dock seal has standard dimensions for door openings 8′ x 8’have (2) 8′ high vertical pads and one (1) 10′ long head pad with 12” face and cubed shaped. The 0101 seals trailers 12′ to 13′ H from grade with a dock height of 48”. Can be fitted for openings up to 9’0”W x 9’0”H by the use of wedge-shaped vertical and head pads.

Super Seal’s series 0101 Dock Seal are manufactured using kiln-dried pressurized wood, and a high density, light weight urethane foam core with 98% compression recovery and maintaining flexibility at -40 degrees (fire retardant formula available). The foam core shall be continuously bonded (not spot glued) to the wood backing with a high quality, non-flammable elastic adhesive. Cover fabric overlaps the wood backing, totally enclosing it, and is fastened with heavy duty plated staples.

All foam pads are vented through brass plated grommets allowing air to be exhausted and moisture to drain when pads are compressed. Vertical pads are tapered cut at the bottom to prevent sagging, pinching, and wearing when compressed. Vertical pads have a 24”h or optional full height 4” yellow guide strip to aid in spotting trailers. Unit shall be furnished with all necessary mounting hardware, galvanizing to resist corrosion.

A large selection of cover fabrics available including our exclusive SS-90-1 high performance vinyl and 16 oz. vinyl “RipStop”. Other fabrics and colours are available include: hypalons, neoprenes, and vinyls.

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