Whether its state-of-the-art Fire Doors/Fire Shutters or Fire Door Release Systems, All-Rite can offer and install a wide range fire door systems to solve your building code compliance.

  • Fire Rated (Non-Insulated) Service Doors
  • Fire Rated (Insulated) Service Doors
  • Fire Rated Rolling Steel Doors
  • Fire Counter Shutters
  • Fire Window Shutters

What Do Fire Rated Doors Do?

Fire-rated doors are part of a passive fire protection system and are designed to reduce the spread of fire and smoke throughout a building or structure. Passive fire protection (PFP) is comprised of a group of systems that compartmentalize a structure by using fire-resistance-rated walls and floors. These systems contain the fire and keep it from spreading quickly so that people inside the building can escape. In addition to fire-rated doors, dampers are used in commercial ductwork to stop or lessen the spread of fire and smoke throughout your commercial property’s ductwork system. Firewalls and floors then help further separate the building into physical compartments to stop the spread of fire/smoke from room to room. Each room can then be equipped with a fire-rated door or fire-rate window shutter.

All-Rite Dock & Door Systems offers a full range of fire-rated commercial doors and window shutters to suit every application.

The following Fire Rated Service Doors/Products are just some of the models we customize and install:

  • all Wayne Dalton Fire Rated Doors/Products
  • all CHI Fire Rated Doors/Product
  • all Service Door Industries Fire Rated Doors/Products

Our team of experts are available to discuss your dock and door needs, we can suggest the best solution for any budget. If you have any questions or wish for us to provide a custom quote for your next Fire Rated Door or Window Shutter, we are here to provide the most up-to-date information. Call Toll Free: 1 (888) 704-7409 /Local: (905) 840-4848 or email or email the Sales Department directly at

What is Fire Door Drop Testing?

All-Rite also conducts Fire Door Drop Testing, for more information on mandatory testing and what our Drop Test Service includes, please visit our Fire Door Drop test page or call us directly to inquire, Toll Free: 1 (888) 704-7409 / Local: (905) 840-4848 or email