Fire doors are the number one defence for protecting your personnel and building in the event of a fire as they reduce the spread of smoke and fire within your facility. If the door is faulty or damaged, it will not close automatically or seal shut during a fire. This can lead to serious harm to your facility’s structure, equipment, assets and workers. All of which would have been preventable, if you had completed a fire door drop test.

This is why fire door inspections are a safety standard in Canada.

NFPA 80 – The Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives

This standard regulates the installation and maintenance of assemblies and devices used to protect openings in walls, floors, and ceilings against the spread of fire and smoke within, into, or out of buildings.

How Often Should Fire Doors be Tested?

According to NFPA 80, a fire door needs to be inspected and tested annually. It is the employer’s responsibility to make sure that the facility’s fire doors are in proper operation so that they are prepared in case of an emergency. The best way to do this is with an annual fire door drop test with one of our trained professionals.

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What to Expect When Receiving a Fire Drop Test Inspection?

  • inspection of proper installation

  • verify that jamb/wall fasteners

  • lubrication of any or all parts that require

  • review parts, verifying all parts are in check according to manufacturers guidelines

  • inspection of smoke detectors and release devices

  • inspection of control panels and any misc. other equipment related to fire door

  • Document the Drop Test and provide a DASMA written detailed Drop Test form

More About Documentation

In addition to keeping your building and personnel safe, we want you to stay in compliance with the law. In order to keep you in compliance, we will give you a written documentation of your inspection. The written documentation you will receive will consist of:

  • A DASMA drop test form to keep for your records to show to the auditor or in case of an emergency.

To book your Fire Door Drop Test with us today call Toll Free: 1-(888) 704-7409  / Local: (905) 840-4848 to connect with one of our dock and door specialist.